Why did Apple iPhone 14 employees run away with what they found? stampede among employees



Fearing the shutdown, the workers jump and cross the factory fence.
Regardless of where the cases of corona are found, the Chinese government imposes strict lockdown.
Several videos of employees running away from the building are going viral on social media.

New Delhi. Corona (Covid-19) virus is causing chaos in China. People are afraid of the strict policy adopted by the government to control Kovid-19. How scared people are, its characteristics were seen at the factory of Foxconn Technologies, which manufactures the Apple iPhone 14 in Zhengzhou, China. After some workers at the factory were found to be corona-infected, fearful workers were seen running with their belongings in their hands. Several videos of employees fleeing the Apple factory are going viral on social media in China.

According to a report in Live Mint, it is said that the employees are afraid that after the corona-infected people are found in the factory, the government will lock the employees in the factory by introducing a strict lockdown here as well. Because of this fear, the workers jump over the factory fence and run into the street. However, Foxconn declined to comment on The Associated Press’ questions on the subject. Located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Foxconn’s manufacturing facility employs 350,000 people.

News about 20,000 employees who have been infected
Earlier, there was news that about 20,000 workers working in the Zhengzhou factory have been found to be corona infected. However, the officials have not confirmed this news. Now it is not even known how many people work at the factory in Zhengzhou and how many have left.

People are tired of zero covid policy
The ramp at the Foxconn campus is also a symbol of the growing public resentment towards the zero covid policy adopted by the government in China. Wherever there are cases of corona, the Chinese government enforces a strict lockdown and quarantines those infected. The government implements the rules very strictly, which causes many problems for the population.

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Videos go viral
Several videos of employees running away from the building are going viral on social media. However, it is not confirmed that all the videos are from Foxconn’s factory. In some videos, local people are also seen giving food to the people who came on the road after crossing the fence.

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