When does main football start in RJD and JDU? Prashant Kishor ‘predicted’; also tried BJP


Patna: Election strategist-turned-politician Prashant Kishor on Tuesday took a dig at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by mentioning that his name was included in the Pegasus list. On Tuesday, the 31st day of his Jan Suraj padyatra, Prashant Kishor, while talking to reporters in Lauria block of West Champaran district, attacked BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal, saying, ‘Jaiswal knows that I talk to Nitish Kumar every day, his government is there (at the center), my number is already on Pegasus’s list, get it checked. Not only this, Prashant Kishor claimed that as soon as the by-elections are over, the main football will start in both the RJD and JDU parties.

Prashant Kishor alleged, ‘Sanjay Jaiswal’s panic is that he and his party have got free votes while sitting. He has got it in the name that those who don’t want to vote for Lalu ji (Rashtriya Janata Dal, RJD chief) they vote for BJP even after they get angry with BJP. He alleged, ‘Lalu ji people are begging for votes by showing fear of BJP. Now the sin of these people is that if the people together have made their choice, who will vote for them, in this outrage, the poor people are talking rubbish.

The names of several politicians, civil rights activists, journalists and other public figures in the country were included in the alleged Pegasus list when the case came to light in 2020. Prashant Kishor was then handling Mamata Banerjee’s election campaign. Although parties opposed to the BJP have demanded a probe into the spying allegations, the ruling party has termed the entire incident as an “international conspiracy” to defame India.

Prashant Kishor has started the ‘Jana Suraj’ campaign and he expects this campaign to grow into a full-fledged political party after the completion of his 3500 km long padyatra which can give the home state better political option. Kishor’s Jan Suraj campaign has angered both the BJP and the chief minister’s Janata Dal (United) (JD-U) party, with both parties accusing him of being an ‘agent’ of the other.

Prashant Kishor has been attacking Nitish for a long time. Again targeting Nitish, he said, ‘Nitish Kumar hangs like a pendulum between BJP and RJD. Sometimes with him, sometimes with him. For them, the chair is the most important thing. Those who consider Mahagathbandhan as a strong option against BJP are in confusion. As soon as the supplementary election is over, the main football starts in both parties. He had said that I will get into the ground but will not go with BJP and how easily he went with BJP.

He said that people have lost faith in Nitish Kumar. They are afraid that Nitish might not fight back again. The political future of JDU is over. On the functioning of the Bihar government, Kishor said, “The people’s hope from the government has ended. There is a lot of anger in the people. Although we consider Lalu-Nitish’s work as work, Bihar is still very backward. The condition of rural roads is very bad. People are plagued by huge electricity bills.The condition of the tap water system is also bad.

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