What’s special about Hero Lectro H3, H5 e-bike? All features including price and specifications


You can buy the Hero Lectro H3 electric bike in two color options – Blissful Black-Green and Blazing Black-Red.

Electronic cycles Hero Lectro H3, H5: If you are planning to buy an electric bike, then there is important news for you. Hero Lectro, Hero Cycles’ e-bike brand, recently released two GEMTEC-based models, the H3 and H5. Of these, the H3 e-cycle price is Rs 27,499 and the H5 e-cycle price is Rs 28,499. You can buy the H3 e-bike in two color options – Blissful Black-Green and Blazing Black-Red. In addition, the H5 e-bike is available in Groovy Green and Glorious Grey. Let us know what’s special about these two e-cycles.

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Hero Lectro H3, H5: what’s special

Strong and lightweight materials (GEMTEC) have been used in the new Hero Lectro e-bikes. They feature new ride geometry and Smart Fit ergonomics that have been designed and developed at the Hero Cycles R&D center. These e-bikes are specially designed with first time buyers in mind. These e-bikes offer buyers features such as an easily accessible charging port, a high-performance and efficient carbon steel frame, and an IP67-rated waterproof lithium-ion battery for all-weather use. Both the H3 and H5 e-bikes are equipped with dual disc brakes.

Hero Lectro H3, H5: Characteristics, battery, charging time and range

The new Hero Lectro H3 and H5 e-bikes come with an LED display and are powered by a 250W rear hub BLDC motor that has a top speed of 25km/h. In addition, it is equipped with a 5.8 Ah IP67 in-line lithium-ion battery that takes 4 hours to fully charge and has a range of 30 km. If you want to buy new GEMTEC devices, you can visit their D2C website, as well as the Hero Lectro network of over 600 dealers, e-commerce channels and exclusive centers and experience zones in Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

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Hero Lectro H3, H5: i-Smart App connection

you yourself Hero Lectro H3 As well as H5 The e-bike can be connected to a smartphone via the i-Smart app. With it, you can track your trip. With the app, you will be able to access your speed, distance and other information. Not only that, you can also turn the battery on and off and change the mode using the app.


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