What is the difference between hybrid and petrol vehicles? understand all the details


Many major companies have recently released hybrid vehicles that are considered the best in terms of both mileage and performance.

Difference between hybrid and gasoline engine: There is a worldwide demand for sustainable mobility. In such a situation, the number of new technologies such as CNG vehicles, hydrogen fuel vehicles, electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles is rapidly increasing. Mindful of environmental pollution, many automakers have stopped producing cars with diesel engines. Currently, customers have to choose between a gasoline-powered car and a hybrid car, then first of all they will consider many important aspects, including the range of the car, the ability to charge. Which of the two cars is better, in terms of mileage and performance, a car with a gasoline engine is better or a hybrid car. Here is information about all these aspects.

How does a gasoline car engine work?

A gasoline engine or internal combustion engine (ICE) runs on gasoline fuel. The combustion of gasoline in the combustion chamber of the engine used to drive the vehicle generates the power with which the wheel of the vehicle rotates through the propeller shaft. In this case, the smoke of burnt gasoline in the car engine is released into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe. Some examples of gasoline powered vehicles are Maruti Suzuki Alto, Hyundai Verna, Hyundai i20, Tata Nexon (gasoline), etc.

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Hybrid car: more mileage, better performance

A hybrid vehicle has a conventional internal combustion engine and an electric powertrain that work together. A vehicle equipped with this system is powered by a battery and either starts the vehicle with electricity or is propelled by an internal combustion engine (ICE). Most hybrid vehicles sold in the country are powered by gasoline engines. But as its speed slows down, these hybrid cars run on an electric powertrain. The petrol engine and hybrid engine work together at high speeds. In such a situation, the performance is better, and in this situation, the gasoline consumption is also less. The electric motor runs until the battery is completely discharged. After the battery is discharged, the car is started by the internal combustion engine. If we talk only about electric vehicles, then this car travels a limited distance on a full charge.

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When the battery of the car equipped with the hybrid system is in the state of discharging, it is possible to charge the battery while running on the gasoline engine, in addition, the cars with the hybrid system, such as electric vehicles, can also be charged with the support of an external charger. It can also be done that called plug-in-hybrid. Many car companies have recently introduced several models of hybrid vehicles to the market, including Maruti Suzuki’s Grand Vitara Strong Hybrid, Toyota Urban Cruiser Hybrid, Honda City Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid.

(Article: Rajkamal Narayanan)


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