What Is Cryptocurrency| Is Cryptocurrency Legal In India?

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, which we often know as digital currency.

Bitcoin would have been a cryptocurrency that you could not touch but hold. Meaning that it is a digital form of currency.

It is a currency that is not in your pocket in a solid form like coins or notes. Is completely online.

Despite the constant demand by private companies, the Government of India has not yet approved it in the country

Although many countries of the world have given legal recognition to cryptocurrencies, the stand of the Government of India for this is not yet clear

government is considering regulating it. However, it has also been completely banned in many countries of the world

According to Gaurav Garg, Head of Research, the concept of cryptocurrency was developed by Satoshi Nakatoshi to deal with the 2008 recession

In March this year, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said at an event that the central bank (RBI) has several concerns regarding cryptocurrencies