England v India: third women’s one-day international.

4th over: India 11-2 (Mandhana 10, Kaur 1)Fabulous bowling by 

Cross – can the Indian engine room now take control of this game? Cross shimmies one 

past the outside edge of Mandhana’s bat, as she is nearly forced back onto her own stumps.

WICKET! Yastika b Cross 0 (India 10-2) Yastika shimmies and tries to lift the ball towards the pavilion, but the ball

deviates onto her leg and into the stumps. Two wickets for nothing for Cross!

3rd over: India 10-1 (Mandhana 10, Yastika 0) High elbow, perfect stance, a Mandhana cover drives eases to the boundary.

And now off the back foot, effortless, for four more. Davies looks nonplussed. 

Tone, I’ve just realised what you were getting at – apologies. Yes, this is the last international of the year, sob.

But we will (excuse the plug) be running the County Blog next week for the final week of the Championship – from 10am ish – Monday to Thursday to bring the curtain finally down on the season.