Twitter Job Cuts: Discussion of mass layoffs on Twitter ordered by Elon Musk, citing US media sources


According to sources in the American media, information has appeared that Elon Musk plans to reduce the number of employees at Twitter.

Job cuts on Twitter: Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk on Thursday announced the creation of the Content Moderation Board, a day after closing a deal to acquire microblogging platform Twitter for $44 billion. Now, citing the report, news is coming that Musk is preparing to lay off the employees of the veteran social network Twitter. According to The New York Times, Elon Musk plans to fire Twitter employees. Officials familiar with the matter told US media that some Twitter managers have been asked to prepare a list of employees to lay off.

Approximately 7,500 employees are associated with Twitter

According to sources in the US media, it is reported that Elon Musk ordered to reduce the number of employees working at Twitter. To do this, he decided to lay off more employees in some teams compared to the rest of the company. There are currently no standards for firing employees from Twitter. Twitter currently has about 7,500 employees. In April of this year, after the news of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, news began to come in about the reduction in the number of employees associated with the company. Billionaire Musk, who heads electric car maker Tesla and rocket company SpaceX, told investors he would take Twitter private and cut its staff. In addition, Musk will remove the content moderation rule set for Twitter and also enable the company’s new revenue plans.

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Previously, the CEO of Twitter was removed

After completing the process of buying Twitter, Elon Musk began laying off employees. Ahead of his recent decision, Elon Musk fired Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, chief legal officer Vijay Gadde, chief financial officer Ned Segal and general counsel Sean Edgett.


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