Travel Insurance: Indian Railways gives insurance for as little as Rs 1, here’s how you can avail, here are the details.


You get the option to take out travel insurance when you book your tickets through a railway website, app, or other online platform.

Travel Insurance: Most people prefer to travel by train for long distance travel in our country. The main reason for this is the low rent. Traveling by rail is cheaper than air and road transport. We usually book sleeping or other places on the train for long trips. This reservation is made in two ways. First online, second offline. In online mode, you book tickets of your choice through the railway website and app, while in offline mode, you need to book tickets by visiting the station window. Today we will tell you about such an opportunity available while traveling by train, which people often ignore.

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insurance options

Travel insurance is provided by the railway to people traveling on its trains. When booking tickets through a railway website, app or other online platform, you see the option to take out travel insurance. In this case, you are allegedly provided with travel insurance for Rs. or less. Most people do not choose this insurance option. If you choose this option, the railroad will provide financial assistance in exchange for any travel accident and physical injury you suffer. SBI General Insurance Corporation Limited and Liberty General Insurance Limited provide this travel insurance on behalf of the railroads.

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Passengers receive financial assistance based on physical loss

In the event of the death of a passenger who opted for the travel insurance option, the railways will provide financial assistance of up to 10 lakhs to their family. Along with this, the railways pay 10 lakh financial assistance to a passenger who is completely disabled or has become disabled as a result of an accident. In case of partial disability due to an accident, the railway must pay Rs 7,50,000 to passengers. Rs 2,000,000 is given to a seriously injured person in an accident, and Rs 10,000 is paid by the railway for the treatment of passengers with minor injuries. That is, if you become a victim of an accident while traveling by rail, then you will be paid monetary compensation from the railroad.


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