This time ‘Baz’ will fly on the country’s roads, the price of this special design electric scooter with great features is only 35000 Tk 35000 Tk.


There has been a flood of electronic cars in the country. Be it car or bike or scooter, electronic version of every vehicle is available in our country today. Many big and reputed companies in the country and abroad are now engaged in manufacturing and selling electronic vehicles. Companies like OLA and Bajaj are the biggest names in the electric car segment so far, while now some local and smaller companies have also made their debut in the electric car space. In the same series is IIT Delhi based electric mobility startup company Buzz Bikes (buzz bike) Also now has taken its steps in this area.

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Baaz will have 9 batteries

IIT Delhi based electric mobility startup company Baaz Bikes has launched their new electric scooter Baaz. According to the company, this BAAZ scooter features a system for fixing 9 batteries on the Ping platform. According to the company, it will take only one and a half minutes to change the battery of this scooter. The company also said that this scooter can easily cover around 100 km.

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No license required to operate

According to the information provided by Buzz Bike, this electric scooter with a length of only 1624 mm does not require any driving license. The maximum speed of this electric scooter is only 25 km per hour. Along with this, this scooter is also said to be fully key-equipped. Along with this, the feature of getting alerts in emergency situations like burn, water filling also makes this electric scooter special. The company is yet to officially announce its price, but according to sources, the price of this scooter is said to be around 35 thousand only, although has not confirmed this price.


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