The price of gold today: today gold has become expensive, the luster of silver has faded; These are the latest gold and silver prices on the market


Gold and Silver Price Today: Gold prices jumped today Wednesday, November 2, 2022 in the precious metals market, where gold moves above 50,600. At the same time, futures prices also broke the 50,600 mark. There was a slight increase in silver prices. After the fall in the US markets, the brightness of gold may increase further. If the fear of a recession stays high, then prices could go up as well. In the latest rate, at 10:15 am, gold futures on the Multi-Commodity Exchange traded at Rs 50,607 per 10 grams, up Rs 105 or 0.21% more. Its average price was Rs 50,591.31 per item. The previous close was at Rs 50,502.

Silver futures edged up Rs 17 or 0.03% over the period to Rs 58,863/kg. Its average price was $58,941.26. Silver closed at Rs 58,846 in the previous session.

On the international market, gold fell $11.90, or 0.72%, to $1,636.40 an ounce. Silver futures rose $0.548, or 2.87%, to $19.667 an ounce.

Now let’s see what’s going on with the various karat gold and silver rates at the IBJA (India Bullion And Jewelers Association Ltd.).

Level of retail sales of gold jewelry

– Pure gold (999) – 5069
– 22 thousand tons – 4,947
– 20 thousand tons – 4,512
– 18 kt – 4 106
– 14 kt – 3270
– Silver (999) – 59 048

(These gold prices are per gram and do not include GST or fees.)

Tomorrow’s IBJA Closing Rate

– 999- 50,691 rupees per 10 grams
– 995- 50 488
– 916- 46 433
– 750- 38 018
– 585- 29 654
– Silver – 59 048

(These gold prices are per 10 grams and do not include GST and fees.)

Gold has risen in price in the bullion market

Gold prices on Tuesday rose by Rs 177 to Rs 50,869 per 10 grams in the Delhi precious metals market due to a strong trend in precious metals prices in global markets. Because of this, gold closed at Rs 50,692 per 10 grams in the previous trading session. The interest rate may be increased by the US Federal Reserve Bank, after which a further jump in prices can be seen.

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