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On Thursday, the BCCI announced a date. From now on, female cricketers nationwide will receive the same match fee as male cricketers. The terms of the annual contract with the Council will also be the same for both. This is a very important decision in this era of gender equality.

After hearing this decision, luxurious names like Diana Edulji, Shantha Rangaswamy, Shubhangi Kulkarni and Sandhya Agarwal emerged in the mind. It was these brave players who almost silently provided such a strong foundation for Indian women’s cricket in the 70s and 80s, following which BCCI took such a big leap forward.

It is the passion of these illustrious women, without notable recognition or propriety, which has not only made women’s cricket survive in India, but also impose itself on all international grounds.

Going into history, it is known that the Indian Women’s Cricket Association was formed in 1973 in Pune, after which three decades later, at the initiative of the International Cricket Organization, this association merged with the BCCI in 2006-07. After this incident, the situation for Indian women’s cricket began to gradually improve.


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