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Today in the T20 World Cup there was a game between Australia and Ireland. A funny incident was seen in this match, which everyone was surprised to see. Even the commentators themselves did not understand how this happened.

In this match played today in the World Cup, Australia won by 42 points against Ireland. However, the batsman missed a ball in Ireland’s innings. The ball went through the stumps. Despite this, the drummer had not come out.

In fact, Ireland was at bat in the second inning of this game. Josh Hazlewood came on to play first for Australia. He completely ducked the batter on the fourth ball and the ball hit the top of the stumps. The ball went into the hands of the wicketkeeper touching the stumps.

For a moment everyone thought the drummer was out. The commentators doing the commentary in the match also understood the same. But the wicketkeeper stopped suddenly while appealing and the batsman was not out. Everyone was surprised to see this.

After that it was heard in replays that the ball hit the wicket but the wicket bails did not fall and according to the rules if the bails do not fall the batsman is not considered out. The video of this incident was also shared by the ICC on its official Instagram account.

Let us tell you that in this match, Ireland won the coin toss and decided to go bowling. Batting first, Aaron Finch played an incredible innings for Australia and scored 63 runs on 44 balls. In 20 overs, Australia scored 179 runs on the board.

Ireland, chasing the target, lost their openers early. Lorcan Tucker, who came up to bat at number three, hit well and scored an unbeaten 71 but he fell short at the other end and Ireland lost the game by 42 runs.

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