Liton Das received a big reward from Virat Kohli, the Indian drummer gave a special gift – GJ MONEY TIPS

लिटन दास ने जबरदस्त धुआंधार पारी खेली (Photo Credit - Liton Das Twitter)

[ad_1] The match played between India and Bangladesh (India v Bangladesh) in the T20 World Cup 2022 was very exciting. Even though the Indian team won this game, Bangladesh was also highly appreciated. Especially the opener Liton Das is highly appreciated, who played a brilliant innings in this game. India set a target of 185 … Read more

“A stand in the name of Virat Kohli will be carried out in Adelaide” – Old video of MS Dhoni’s video goes viral – GJ MONEY TIPS

एडिलेड में शानदार हरा है कोहली का प्रदर्शन

[ad_1] In the game of cricket, some players have a favorite ground, where they like to hit or bowl. While Rohit Sharma likes knocking at the Gardens of Eden in Kolkata, Virat Kohli likes knocking at the Adelaide Ring. Although Kohli has scored on every court in the world, he has some incredible records at … Read more

Bangladesh Cricket Board to advance fake pitch case of Virat Kohli, action request – GJ MONEY TIPS

India v Bangladesh - ICC Men

[ad_1] The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) said on Thursday that it would raise the issue of the controversial refereeing in the T20 World Cup game against India at a proper forum as it did not pay attention to it. during the match. Bangladeshi batsman Nurul Hasan accused Virat Kohli of playing after the game. BCB … Read more

Shakib Al Hasan reveals conversation with Virat Kohli without ball – GJ MONEY TIPS

शाकिब अल हसन ने बताया कि उस दौरान क्या हुआ था

[ad_1] The match between India and Bangladesh was very exciting. During this match, once again there was a controversy over the no ball. At the request of Virat Kohli, the referees gave the ball a pitch and after that Shakib Al Hasan came in the middle and started talking to Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli beat … Read more

Shakib Al Hasan had made this master plan to stop Virat Kohli, revealed in press conference – GJ MONEY TIPS

India v Bangladesh - ICC Men

[ad_1] The Adelaide ground was very lucky for Virat Kohli. Every time he comes here to play, he scores a lot of points. Virat Kohli also scored the most points in the game against Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan knew this was Kohli’s favorite ground and that’s why he came up with a … Read more

Virat Kohli, who scored in Adelaide, had a big reaction to the huge record – GJ MONEY TIPS

India v Bangladesh - ICC Men

[ad_1] The Adelaide ground has always been very lucky for Virat Kohli and he has scored a lot of points here. He also contributed to the team’s victory by scoring a fine half-century in the T20 World Cup against Bangladesh. Former cricketer Sunil Gavaskar gave a big reaction to his innings. He said that each … Read more

Virat Kohli asked the referee the question, then Shakib Al Hasan came in the middle, the video went viral – GJ MONEY TIPS

मैच के दौरान विराट कोहली और शाकिब अल हसन

[ad_1] In this T20 World Cup, Virat Kohli shows his class to the world. In the match played on Wednesday, November 2, Kohli played a 64-point unbeaten run against Bangladesh and marked his third half-century of this World Cup. During his innings, a video goes quite viral on social media in which Kohli is seen … Read more

Virat Kohli became the top scorer in the history of the T20 World Cup, ICC showed his journey in a special video – GJ MONEY TIPS

आईसीसी द्वारा शेयर की गई वीडियो में विराट कोहली

[ad_1] Virat Kohli is performing amazingly in the current T20 World Cup. His bat speaks fiercely in this tournament. He created another record in the game against Bangladesh today. Kohli became the top scorer in the history of the T20 World Cup. On this achievement, the ICC also congratulated him by sharing the video. Before … Read more

“I was laughing when I heard about the World Cup in Australia”, says Virat Kohli – GJ MONEY TIPS

India v Bangladesh - ICC Men

[ad_1] Virat Kohli’s stick was crucial in the Indian team’s victory over Bangladesh. The Indian team had a chance of winning by 5 points under the Duckworth-Lewis rule. Due to Virat Kohli’s excellent half-century innings, he was named Player of the Match. Kohli gave a big reaction to her sleeves. Virat Kohli said it was … Read more

Virat Kohli has achieved a great feat in the T20 World Cup in terms of races, passing the Sri Lankan legend – GJ MONEY TIPS

India v Bangladesh - ICC Men

[ad_1] Every time Indian batsman Virat Kohli steps onto the pitch, a record is added to his name. Something similar was seen in the 35th match played in the T20 World Cup 2022. During the batting against Bangladesh in this match, Virat set the record for most points in the World Cup T20 in short … Read more