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India vs Pakistan: In the T20 World Cup 2022, India started their journey well by defeating Pakistan in a thrilling game. At the same time, after this match, Pakistan had to face another big defeat. In the T20 World Cup, Zimbabwe beat Pakistan by 1 point in a big upset.

After the defeat in these two matches, many former Pakistani cricketers are wondering about the team and the selection. However, Pakistan’s legendary players are still unable to forget the defeat against India. In fact, former Pakistani legends Moin Khan and Aaqib Javed have now accused India captain Rohit Sharma of being dishonest in the draw.

Alleged foul in the draw
Speaking on a Pakistani TV channel, Aaqib Javed accused of dishonesty in the draw and said “the draw should be such that it is visible in the camera”. When the referee asked Rohit Sharma for the coin toss, he tossed the coin the same way on the boundary he is tossing. It was a huge blunder. This piece couldn’t be seen from so far away, so how would you know the drooping head came “tails”.

Aaqib said that “the referee went to Rohit Sharma and said you won the coin toss. It is a serious problem. You will definitely see that the mat is in front, Rohit tossed the toss coin away.

Moin Khan also made serious allegations
Meanwhile, former Pakistani player Moin Khan also raised questions about the draw and said Pakistan beat the Indian team in the last World Cup. India has a cricket monopoly. Therefore, under their pressure, referees can also be dishonest. Why didn’t the match referee make sure after the toss if the header was coming or the tail.

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