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The match is being played between Ireland and Australia as part of the T20 World Cup 2022. A good line-up has been seen from Ireland in this match. Meanwhile, Irish bowler Barry McCarthy put in such a performance that everyone was surprised to see.

Many times such an alignment occurs in cricket that spectators are surprised. Just like Barry McCarthy, who stopped the ball on the edge as if it were flying. He was also injured during this fielding but he also saved important runs for his team. His video is widely discussed on social networks.

In fact, Australia struck first in this game. In the 15th of the match, Marcus Stoinis played a shot towards long. The ball went straight through the air towards the boundary and it looked like it would definitely be a six. But then McCarthy jumped hard and caught the ball in the air and kicked it inside as it fell outside the boundary line.

After this alignment, he also suffered a back injury and immediately the physio helped him by reaching the pitch but his efforts earned him praise. Not only fans, but fellow players and commentators have also praised his roster.

The ICC also shared the video of this incident on its official Instagram account. Sharing the video, ICC wrote,

Outstanding field effort from McCarthy.

This video shared by ICC is going very viral on social media and fans are also giving different kinds of reactions to it. He says that seeing this commissioning, it was as if it was not a human but a super human or a superman. At the same time, one fan said it was dedication to cricket.

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