Stocks of a company with zero debt will bring a good profit! You can bet on expert opinion


Best Stocks to Buy: After raising interest rates by the Fed by 75 basis, this impact was seen in Indian stock markets. If the Sensex drops more than 300 points, then the Nifty 50 index is also trading below the 18000 level. If you are looking for strong stocks to invest in the stock market, you can buy them with the advice of market experts. Market expert Sandip Jane chose a solid stock to invest in and advised him to invest in it.

Sandip Jane chose this promotion

Market expert Sandeep Jain chose Jasch Industries to buy and advised him to invest there. The expert said that the last 5-10 days these stocks have been moving strongly because the company’s quarterly results were very good. This company produces synthetic leather and the demand for it is very good.

Yash Industries – Buy

What are the fundamentals of the company?

The expert said that it trades at multiples of 10 PE and is a very cheap stock. In addition, this company is a zero debt company. The company’s return on equity is 26 percent, and profit growth over the past 3 years is 33 percent. The company reduced its debt year after year.

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What is the shareholding scheme?

If we talk about the shareholding structure, there are many famous people who own more than 1% of the shares of this company. The expert said that investors should invest in this stock, and this stock can bring good returns in the near future.

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