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Yes! Now you can earn your own money even with an investment of Rs.100. crypto You can start the journey. It might sound a bit strange to hear, but it is absolutely true. It is generally believed that cryptocurrency is a very expensive currency and it requires a huge investment. But the truth is that you can get a decent return even by investing a very small amount in it. Today there are many companies on the market whose apps can be used to invest in crypto. These companies also issue various policies from time to time which benefit their investors.For example, under the current policy of “Sun Crypto” you can get 50-100 Indian Rupees bitcoin or ethereum just by registration. Investing in the crypto world is not as difficult as it seems from the outside. speak up cryptocurrency So they are of many types. Although the most recognizable names are bitcoin and ethereum, the world of cryptocurrencies is not limited to this. There are currently more than 1000 cryptocurrencies listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and these are only increasing. Besides Bitcoin and Ethereum are Doze Coin, Mime Coin, Cardano to name a few. Crypto market veterans believe that cryptocurrencies have proven their supremacy in the war between Ukraine and Russia, and the possibilities of cryptocurrency proliferation are strong in the coming days.

Many celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan have extended their support to the crypto world.

if you too crypto If you want to invest in the world, then it is very important to understand some things. cryptocurrency There is a digital currency, that is, a currency that exists but you cannot feel it by touching it like a rupee. When a transaction is made in this cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology, all its information is recorded in the blockchain. The security and encryption of the block is done by the miners, so it is considered quite safe. The value of the cryptocurrency is much more than the physical currency. The platform for trading and trading cryptocurrencies is known as Cryptocurrency Exchange. Any digital currency can be bought through specific crypto exchanges in India as traditional brokerages have not yet introduced this facility due to lack of regulations. You can register on these exchanges, complete your KYC and start trading tokens. For this you choose a good and verified exchange. Before investing, it may prove beneficial for you to understand how the founding team and the company work. With this you can avoid being cheated. Make sure your investments are in the same cryptocurrencies that are listed on verified exchanges, otherwise there is a possibility of fraud. cryptocurrency By investing all the money in that currency as soon as it falls, you may suffer losses. Avoid investing in cryptocurrencies with a short-term high return policy as there is the possibility of cheating If you are new to the cryptocurrency market, avoid using decentralized wallets as it has a “secret key” that can be lost Your investment can be locked lifetime.

like any market cryptoBuying and trading in the market can lead to profit or loss.

Effective from April 2022, as per Indian government rules, if you have made profit on it, don’t forget to show it in your accounts and pay 30% tax.


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