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New Delhi: Played with Australia in the T20 World Cup. The loss to Zimbabwe tore the Pakistanis apart. Zimbabwe beat Pakistan by 1 point in the match played on Thursday. Pakistan is unable to digest the defeat. Babar Azam’s team is criticized from all sides. Expressing his disappointment with Pakistan’s performance in Australia, star cricketer Shoaib Akhtar lost his temper. Akhtar even made a prediction about angry India. Shoaib Akhtar said he expected the Indian team to be knocked out of the tournament in the semi-finals next week.

The former Pakistani fast bowler took out his anger on his team. Simultaneously, he also started giving bad wishes to the Indian team. He said the Indian team is also not Tees Maar Khan. She too will be back next week after playing in the semi-finals. After the match on his YouTube channel, he said: “It’s really disappointing. I also said earlier that Pakistan will come back this week. India will go home after playing the semi-finals as they are not very good either.

“India is not Teesmar Khan”

He added that I had already said that Pakistan will be back this week and India will also come back next week for the semi-final. He’s not that much Tees Maar Khan either. Pakistan gave the match you won to India by placing it on the board. However, she will also return after making the semi-finals. Nor is he Teesmar Khan. We are all the same… what shall I say? There is so much anger in me that nothing can come out of my mouth.

The road to the semi-finals has become difficult for Pakistan

Speaking of Pakistan, the team is in fifth position after losing two games with 0 points and a net run rate of -0.050. In such a situation, if the next three games of Pakistan, South Africa and Zimbabwe are washed away by rain and the three teams win the next two games beyond that, then the Pakistan team may be eliminated. . Pakistan have yet to play against South Africa, the Netherlands and Bangladesh to reach the semi-finals and they will have to win all three matches by a huge margin.


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