Shareholders get a chance to receive 250% of interim dividends, find the date of entry here


Dabur India Dividends: Dabur India, a powerful company in the FMCG sector, brought some very good news for its shareholders. The company has declared an interim dividend for its investors, and this interim dividend is 250 percent of the par value of the shares. The company provided information on BSE interim dividends, i.е. Bombay Stock Exchange and announced that an interim dividend of 250 percent would soon be paid to shareholders. We inform you that the company recently presented the results of the second quarter, during which the company also declared dividends. On this occasion, on October 26, the company held a meeting of the board, at which quarterly results were announced. In addition, an interim dividend of Rs 2.50 per share with a par value of Re 1 was also declared.

What is the date of its recording?

Dabur India reported that the company announced the payment of interim dividends to shareholders. Eligible shareholders will be identified for this, and for this, the record date has been set for November 4th. However, the company said it has not yet received shareholder approval to pay dividends.

What is the ex-dividend date of the stock

The calculation of shares in the country usually takes place over two trading sessions. If investors want to take advantage of Dabur India dividends, they should buy the shares at least 2 days before the dividend registration date, only then the shares can be added to your dematch account. In such a situation, Dabur’s shares will begin trading without dividends from November 3 until the registry close date.

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What is a record and ex-dividend date

Explain that the registration date of any shares means that investors must have shares in the company prior to that date. This makes it easy to identify investors who are eligible to receive dividends. In addition, the ex-dividend date is the last date for any investor to buy shares. Investors do not benefit from dividends if they buy shares after the ex-dividend date.

What are the company’s quarterly results?

Dabur India has released its July-September 2022 results. Conso’s profit fell 2.85% to Rs 490.86 crore. In the quarter of last year, it was Rs 505.31 crore. During July-September, the company’s conso income rose 6 percent to Rs 2,986.49 crore. In the quarter of last year, it was Rs 2,817.58 crores. However, costs have also risen. Compared to last year, it has grown by about 9 percent. In this context, the total expenditure has increased from Rs 2,268.47 crore to Rs 2,471.28 crore.

Let’s tell you, Dabur India has entered the 25,000 crores spice market in the country. Dabur India on Wednesday announced it had acquired a 51% stake in Badshah Masala Private Limited. The remaining 49% of the shares will be acquired in 5 years. Dabur reported this information in the application for the exchange.


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