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The Adelaide ground was very lucky for Virat Kohli. Every time he comes here to play, he scores a lot of points. Virat Kohli also scored the most points in the game against Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan knew this was Kohli’s favorite ground and that’s why he came up with a great strategy against Virat Kohli. After the match, Shakib shared his strategy to get Kohli out.

Virat Kohli has only played two T20 games at the Adelaide ground so far and he was unbeaten in both. Kohli has so far scored 907 points in 10 appearances across all formats in Adelaide. It shows how lucky this land was for them. He scored the best century against Pakistan in the 2015 World Cup on the same ground.

We used Taskin Ahmed to bowl to bring out Virat Kohli – Shakib Al Hasan

During the post-match press conference, when Shakib Al Hasan was asked about Virat Kohli, he said: “That’s why we put Taskin Ahmed in bowling because we knew it was the best way to get Virat Kohli out.” In my opinion, Taskin’s luck was not so good that he couldn’t get Kohli out. Whenever Virat Kohli plays, all the teams come planning against him. If someone’s planning works, then someone fails. In my opinion, he is the only player who can win games on his own.

Let us tell you that Bangladesh had to face a five-point defeat in this match and with that, their hopes of reaching the semi-finals also suffered a blow.

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