Savannah Bananas Heading To Nashville

Savannah Bananas Heading To Nashville

The Savannah Bananas, an exhibition baseball team with alternative rules and a party atmosphere, is bringing its zany brand of America’s favorite pastime to Nashville next year.

Bananas will perform the game at First Horizon Park on June 2 as part of their national tour. Ticket sales will begin approximately two months before the game, the team announced.

Savannah Bananas Heading To Nashville
Savannah Bananas Heading To Nashville

Description: Players sometimes wear stilts during a banana circus-style baseball game. Elaborate dance routines are also included during the in-game action, and the rules are bonkers.

Be careful: There is no move out of the box involving the batsman, and if a fan catches a foul ball, the batsman is considered out. Trying a bunt is an automatic ejection, so don’t turn to a banana game hoping to see a small ball during the performance.

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The tie game is decided by a frantic run around the base, in which a single fielder tries to engage the ball before the runner crosses home plate.

There is a strict time limit of two hours, and five points for each inning, with the first team being considered the winner.

Why this matters: Major League Baseball is in an existential crisis as it wonders how to win over young fans.

Savannah Bananas may place an extreme take on the modernization associated with baseball, but the strategy has won over fans. The sold-out crowd has been attracted by home games in Savannah.

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