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New Delhi: The Indian team are preparing for their third game against South Africa on Sunday. The Indian team played two matches, although wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant didn’t stand a chance. It is said that he can be included in place of Dinesh Karthik in the third game. Meanwhile, there’s been a revelation about Pant.

India’s World Cup-winning captain MS Dhoni had given special advice to star players like Hardik Pandya and Rishabh Pant ahead of the T20 World Cup, according to a report. In fact, Pant faced criticism on social media for his performance with the bat. After that, he took advice from wicket-beater keeper Dhoni.

feel some difference

A source said: “Dhoni asked him to try the round bottom bat. He is getting used to it little by little. The curve of his bat is not clear yet, but he feels some difference. It is apparent from the caused Pant and Hardik to now use the bat with a downward curve.

Hardik and Pant use the Sansaparilles Greenlands (SG) bat. The company was asked to manufacture round bottom bats to improve its T20 cricket bat. Paras Anand, General Manager (MD), SG said, “MS Dhoni started using this type of bat before the 2019 World Cup. Now these Indian players have started asking for this type of bat.”

help like that

On how these bats help batsmen, Anand said, “Players say it helps them reach all directions on the court while taking the shot. A flat-bottomed bat indicates a relatively close stance while a round-bottomed bat helps them maintain an open stance. If someone shaves the bottom of the bat and marks it, the base of the bat is thicker and there is more flesh underneath. This makes them easier to shoot.


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