Pilibhit Tiger Reserve: Tiger hunts wild boar in 30 seconds, watch viral video



A video goes viral very quickly in Pilibhit
In the video, Tiger is seen chasing a wild boar.

Pilibhit. Sometimes a video becomes so viral that its demand increases a lot. People like him. Thousands of millions of views to come. One such video goes viral very quickly in Pilibhit. In fact, this viral video is narrated about Pilibhit Tiger Reserve where a tiger is seen hunting wild boar. It is said that this 30-second video was recorded on the mobile phone of Tiger Reserve employees and went viral. However, News18 does not confirm this viral video.

A video inside the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is going viral very quickly, showing a tiger running and chasing a boar. It is told that when the Tiger Reserve staff were walking around the forest they saw this incident and they captured this scene in their mobile phone which is now going viral.

Only few days are left for the opening of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. Here, the video about the hunt for a healthy tiger goes viral, which the general public is very excited about. Tourists are also waiting for the opening of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve as soon as possible. Let us tell you that from November 14, the Tiger Reserve will open for tourists.

what the officials have to say
Officials attached to the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve say they are getting this viral video investigated to find out where it is from. If this video is found by Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, then the number of our tourists is expected to increase in the coming time. Let us tell you that there are about 80 tigers in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. This tiger is called Asia’s most beautiful and powerful tiger. The weight of the Male Tiger has been recorded up to 220 kg. Pilibhit Tiger Reserve has also been awarded with International Award.

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