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New Delhi: Cricket is a game of uncertainty. Anything can happen in there at any time. The West Indies team, two-time World Cup winners, did not make the qualifiers, while Zimbabwe beat Pakistan to meet their challenge to remain in the World Cup. In such a situation, the continuous rain has also heightened Pakistan’s concern. If even a Pakistan match is taken, it can be a double whammy.

South Africa have chances for the semi-finals

Australia and England were also unable to play due to rain. The match between Zimbabwe and South Africa has also been cancelled. In such a situation, one point each was shared between Zimbabwe and South Africa. South Africa and Zimbabwe are second and third with 3 points each. Although South Africa’s net draw rate (+5,200) is quite good. He therefore has every chance of reaching the semi-finals.

If a rain-washed match…

Speaking of Pakistan, the team is in fifth place after losing two games with 0 points and a net rate of -0.050. In such a situation, if the next three games of Pakistan, South Africa and Zimbabwe are washed away by rain and the three teams win the next two games beyond that, then the Pakistan team may be eliminated. .

For South Africa and Zimbabwe including Pakistan these equations can become like this after raining one game and winning two games… Pakistan 5 points, South Africa 8 points and another 8 points… If not There are no big wins in these games, so the Nets Run Rate will also play a role. In such a situation, South Africa will qualify for the semi-finals ahead of Zimbabwe and Pakistan. If all three teams win their next match, Pakistan will have 6 points, South Africa 9 and Zimbabwe 9 points, in such a situation also Pakistan will be eliminated.

Pakistan can qualify for the semi-finals like this

Pakistan’s next matches are against the Netherlands on October 30, South Africa on November 3 and Bangladesh on November 6. If Pakistan is to qualify for the semi-finals, they must first win the remaining three matches. Second, he needs to win those games by a big margin for a better net run rate. Thirdly, Pakistan will have to hope that Zimbabwe and South Africa lose at least two of their matches.


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