North Korea is messing with Western countries! Stealing ammunition for Russia: The White House



North Korea is accused of supplying weapons to Russia
‘Sending ammunition to Russia under the guise of shipping through African countries’
US national security spokesman John Kirby provided information

Washington. In the middle of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the US has demanded that North Korea supply weapons to Russia. The United States said Wednesday that North Korea is doing it covertly, sending significant amounts of ammunition to Russia under the guise of shipments through countries in the Middle East and North Africa. White House spokesman John Kirby said US officials did not know whether Russia had found the ammunition, but they were trying to monitor the shipment, Reuters reported.

Kirby said that North Korea is supplying weapons to Russia for the war in Ukraine, showing the world that the real destination for arms shipments is a Middle Eastern country or North Africa. Kirby added that “we will monitor whether the shipments have been received.”

North Korea warns America, said – no plan to give weapons to Russia, do not spread rumors

This is not the first time the US has made this claim, with the US also claiming North Korea in September and saying Russia is in the process of buying millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea for use in Ukraine, which Kirby said. That said, “the purchase has been completed and there is certainly no indication that these weapons are being used inside Ukraine.” However, Pyongyang rejected the White House’s demands.

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