Modified Suzuki Jimny: This is the most expensive Suzuki Jimny in the world, look at the pictures, what’s special about this 99 lakh car?


The three-door Suzuki Jimny has been converted into an off-road convertible and has a total cost of $120,000, which is about 99 lakh in Indian rupees. This is the most expensive Jimny in the world.

Modified Suzuki Jimny: The Suzuki Jimny is the world’s largest SUV thanks to its compact size and off-road capability. The Jimny is also suited to mods, and off-road enthusiasts love to personalize their prized possessions. A few pictures of a modified Suzuki Jimny Convertible have surfaced online recently, and here’s what the SUV looks like.

(Article: Shakti Nath Jah)


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