Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico got married, the couple secretly dated for 2 years


Miss Argentina Married Miss Puerto Rico- Miss Argentina Mariana Varela and Miss Puerto Rico Fabiola Valentine have made their relationship official. The couple announced on social media that they are now married. It is said that the beautiful couple also secretly dated for 2 years before marriage. The two first met during Miss Grand International (MGI) 2020. The two were in touch even after the party was over. Then they became good friends.

Recently, the couple shared a video on social media showing a glimpse of some moments of their relationship and marriage. The caption for the video read – Varela and Valentine tied the knot on October 28.

Couple shared video wedding video
Mariana Varela and Fabiola Valentine have been congratulated by many social media users along with other contestants at the MGI pageant following their wedding announcement. In the video, the couple is seen celebrating a holiday together. He has also shared a glimpse of his marriage proposal. In the video clip, both are seen in a white dress.

Varela and Valentine met during the Miss Grand International pageant in 2020. Varela represented Argentina in Miss Universe 2019. She reached her place in the top 10 in Miss Grand International 2020. The couple has also worked with many well-known modeling agencies.

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