MEXC and Coinbase Reach Partnership to Jointly Meet Cryptocurrency Confidentiality and Security Obligations Under the TRUST Framework – Press Release Bitcoin News


PRESS RELEASE. On October 31, the cryptocurrency trading platform became MEX announced that it had entered into a collaboration with coin foot to jointly fulfill the confidentiality and security obligations of cryptocurrency under the framework of Coinbase’s TRUST Network (TRUST).

The TRUST network is an alliance of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. And the TRUST solution is designed to reveal necessary data while focusing on protecting customer privacy and information security.

Its purpose is to allow customers between TRUST members to transfer peer-to-peer information to avoid the leakage of personal information stored on third-party servers, resulting in the leakage or misuse of sensitive information; Customers among TRUST members can confirm the accuracy of the information before sending information so that the information can be sent and received accurately; all TRUST members must meet the three core requirements of anti-money laundering, security and privacy before joining the solution.

Founded in April 2018, MEXC is the world’s leading one-stop cryptocurrency trading platform. It supports more than 160 cryptocurrency contract transactions, more than 1,600 cryptocurrency spot transactions and more than 400 cryptocurrency ETF transactions. It is the fastest online crypto asset. , the platform with the most tradable categories. The team’s core members have a deep financial and technological background and professional financial products and technical security experience as a guarantee.

As of September, MEXC has more than 10 million global users. The liquidity in the three core products, contract, spot and leveraged ETF, has reached the first globally.

According to the data, 62 top companies worldwide, including MEXC, PayPal, Binance, etc., have joined the TRUST Network.

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