LIC Saral Retirement Plan: Invest Rs 3 lakh and get a pension of Rs 14,760, check eligibility


Saral Jeevan LIC Plan: If you are an employee and are worried about post-retirement expenses, LIC policy can take the worry out of your life. We are talking about one LIC pension plan, the name of which is the Jeevan Saral Plan (LIC Jeevan Saral). At the same time, investors have the opportunity to choose the amount of the premium. Investors can invest in this plan between the ages of 40 and 80.

According to the LIC website, the Saral Jeevan LIC plan has been prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the Insurance Regulation and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). In this case, the investor must deposit money at a time.

The policy will also be available online

LIC stated that this plan can be purchased both offline and online through the LIC website In this case, the policyholder can choose the option “Monthly”, “Half-year”, “Quarterly” and “Annually”.

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The policy buyer will be required to provide proof of address and KYC documents along with medical details. Medical tests will also be carried out.

There are two annuity options

In this policy, annuity rates are guaranteed from the start and payments are made over the course of a person’s life. In this plan, there are two annuity options – if you continue living together after the expiration of the policy, the survivor receives a 100% refund of the purchase price and in case of non-survival of both, the nominal one receives 100%.

Loan available after 6 months

These pension schemes can be taken both online and offline. The minimum investment for this scheme should be Rs 12,000 per year. There is no maximum investment limit. This scheme is for people from 40 to 80 years old. In this plan, the insured will receive a loan any time after 6 months from the start date of the policy.

LIC Saral Pension Plan Investment and Yield Calculator

Return Calculator: LIC Saral Pension Scheme gives about 5 percent return on investment. If you invest 2.5 million rupees in this pension plan at the age of 41, then you will receive a pension of 12,300 rupees per year, i.e. 1025 rupees per month. By investing 3 million rupees, you will receive a pension of 14,760 rupees per year or 1,195 rupees per month. At the same time, by depositing 10 lakhs at a time, you will receive 58,950 rupees in the first annuity option and 58,250 rupees in the second annuity option.


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