LIC Dhan Varsha Plan: Get more than double return on investment once, know when you get 10 times more money – LIC Dhan Varsha 866 plan, get more than double return on investment, details here


LIC Dhan Varsha 866 Plan: Life Insurance Corporation of India i.e. LIC has launched a new LIC Dhan Varsha scheme. This single insurance policy not only provides financial support for the insured’s family in the event of a tragic death, but also allows for a double lump sum in case of survival.

The LIC Dhan Varsha policy is a one-time premium individual savings life insurance policy that offers both protection and savings. The LIC plan Dhan Varsha is number 866 in the LIC chart no.

You will not be able to buy the LIC Dhan Varsha plan online. This plan will only be available offline.

What are the benefits of this policy

Death Benefit: In this case, death benefit is available until the policy date and until the maturity date. That is, in the event of the tragic death of the insured, the family will receive the sum insured.

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Benefit at maturity: In addition, a guaranteed base amount with guaranteed extras will be available at expiration.

Guaranteed Premiums: Guaranteed Premiums will continue to accumulate each year for the life of the policy. This will depend on the option chosen, the base amount insured and the duration of the policy.

The diagram has two options

First option: By choosing this option, you will receive 1.25 times the sum insured compared to the premium paid. This means that if someone paid 10 lakh one-time bonus and dies, then the candidate will receive 12.5 lakh along with a guaranteed extra bonus.

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Second option: If you choose the second option in this plan, you will receive risk coverage of 10 times the premium paid. That is, in the event of death, 10x cash support will be available. That is, if a one-time bonus of Rs 10 lakh were paid, his candidate would receive Rs 1 crore with a guaranteed bonus.

Now you must be thinking what is the advantage of choosing the first option when the second option provides 10x risk coverage. So let’s say, choosing the first option, you will get more bonus than the second one.

return calculator

Option 1: Suppose a person paid a one-time premium of Rs 8,86,750 (Rs 9,26,654 including GST) on this policy at the age of 30, the sum insured would be Rs 11,08,750. In this case, the base insurance amount will be 10 million rubles. If the term of the policy is 15 years, then he will receive Rs 21,25,000 upon expiration and not less than Rs 11,83,438 in case of death in the first year and Rs 22,33,438 in case of death in the 15th year.

Option 2: In the second option, if a person invests 8,34,642 rupees, then the base insurance amount will be 10,000,000 rupees, and in case of death, the insurance amount will be 79,87,000 rupees.

Until what age can you take the plan

In both variants of the LIC Dhan Varsha policy, if you have chosen the term of 15 years, then the minimum age for obtaining the policy will be 3 years. If you choose 10 years, then the minimum age will be 8 years.

If you choose the first option, then the maximum age for the policy is 60 years old, and if you take 10 times the risk coverage, you can only join this plan up to 40 years old with a validity period of 10 years. In the second option, if we take a period of 15 years, then the maximum age will be 35 years.

Money can also be taken as a pension

In this policy of Dhan Varsha, you will have the opportunity to borrow and surrender. In addition, the money received by the nominee can also be taken as a pension in installments, and not all at once.


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