Kryptonyt: Why cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum price is falling


Cryptocurrency News: the value of bitcoin ,Bitcoin Value) fell below $37,000 on Friday. This is the lowest price since August 2021 and is down 46% from the peak last November. second cryptocurrency The same is the case with this. Their value has fallen by about 25% in the last four days. There are two main reasons for the decline in the value of cryptocurrency. First, the Central Bank of Russia (like the Reserve Bank of India) has proposed a ban on mining in the country. He said that cryptocurrencies threaten Russia’s financial stability. These can harm the population, and the country’s monetary policy is also affected.

Previously, China had banned cryptocurrency (Ban on Cryptocurrency). At that time their value was also reduced for some time, but later there was a great recovery in these currencies. Those who believe in virtual currency feel that the same will happen this time. Incidentally, another major reason for the correction this time is the signs of an increase in interest rates in America, due to which the pressure on the stock market in many countries of the world has increased.

Since the beginning of this year, the stock markets started to fall and with it the value of cryptocurrency has also fallen (Cryptocurrency Crisis). It is believed that the process of raising interest rates in the US will start this year, which will reduce liquidity in the global market. This will reduce the value of all risky assets.

There is also confusion about cryptocurrencies in India. The government has said it may ban all private cryptocurrencies. Here, too, the Reserve Bank has warned about them on an ongoing basis, and it is also considering bringing its own e-currency. The government has drawn up a bill to ban cryptocurrencies, but it has not yet been tabled in Parliament. Previously, it was believed that this bill would be presented in the winter session of the Danish Parliament, but now it seems that this bill will not be able to make it to the budget session as well. In India also a large number of investors have invested in Cryptocurrency and they are waiting for the government to clear the picture but their wait will be some more time.


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