Kangana Ranaut Wishes Elon Musk Good Luck Users Request Elon To Restore Queen Twitter Account | Kangana Ranaut congratulates Elon Musk, demands Queen’s return to Twitter on social media


New Delhi: Tesla CEO Elon Musk is constantly in the headlines. Recently, Key entered his Twitter headquarters with a doba in hand, and everyone started calling him the Baahubali of social media. Allen is constantly doing business on social media. The matter has been suspended on Twitter and Rani Kangana’s account for a long time. In such a situation, he is seen congratulating Elon Musk.

Twitter account suspended

Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account was suspended last year. In fact, Rani Kangana was warned many times for breaking the rules but when she didn’t stop, she was fired. Since then Kangana’s Insta activity has increased and she keeps her every opinion only on Insta.

Kangana congratulated Elon Musk

In such a situation, Kangana Ranaut congratulated by sharing the link of the news about Elon Musk with the help of Insta Stories. In fact, Elon Musk himself took over Twitter after firing Parag Agarwal as CEO. Kangana also shared the post of another user in such a situation. K tells Elon Musk that hope you save Kangana Ranaut’s account too.

This is what the users claim

There are some users who are suggesting to Kangana Ranaut’s court that Madam should now give back her Twitter. Another user wrote that Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter should be restored. At the same time, some users are waiting for Madam Kangana’s grand entry. In such a situation, great memes are also going viral.

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