Kangana Ranaut has made a big statement about her return to Twitter Kangana Ranaut spoke big about returning to Twitter, said- ‘I can’t bear it even for a year…’


New Delhi: Bollywood’s panga girl Kangana Ranaut is always in the limelight because of her statements. These days he is in the news on Twitter. Fans want to see him again on Twitter. His name was trending on Twitter recently. Now talking to the media, the actress said that if her account is restored on Twitter, how will she react.

What did Kangana say?

Kangana has a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Recently, Elon Musk did a Twitter takeover. When Kangana was asked if she can return to this platform.

In response to this question, Kangana said – ‘I was on Twitter for a year and Twitter could not tolerate me even for a year. Think people have been on Twitter for 10-10 years.

Kangana is happy without Twitter

The actress added, ‘I completed one year on Instagram last May and I got 3 warnings. Everything is fine since I’m not posting on Instagram and my team is doing it. So no problem.

I mean if I have to come back your life will be very exciting. At the same time, I have a lot of trouble in my life because I get cases. So I’m glad I’m not on Twitter.

Kangana on her way back

Kangana said, ‘But if my account is restored then of course you will get masala. You can put your thoughts on Twitter, while Instagram is all about pictures. You can’t communicate on Instagram. Nothing can be discussed all day, whereas on Twitter it can be.

It is just a means of entertainment. Sometimes it’s just for fun—to tease. Sometimes things are serious. This is not always the case. We tell you that sometime back, Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account was suspended for violating the social media platform policy.

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