Interest rates FD 2022: there is an investment plan for 1 year, these are the banks that pay the highest interest on FD


After the constant increase in the repo rate by the RBI, many banks in the country raised interest rates on DRs.

Interest rates FD 2022: Investments are the best option for achieving financial goals. You should invest your savings in various schemes for higher returns. There are many investment options available on the market today. In such a situation, you have to choose the option according to your needs. When choosing an option, you must first compare the investment term and the interest received on it with other banks. As a rule, long-term investments are more profitable, but at present many banks offer higher interest rates on short-term PDs. After the RBI hiked the repo rate, many of the country’s banks raised DR interest rates. Today we tell you about what interest different banks give for FIs up to one year.

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State Bank of India FD rates (SBI FD rates)

The country’s largest state-owned bank, SBI, raised interest rates on its term deposits. If you do an FD at SBI for less than 1 year, then now the bank gives you up to 5.50% per annum instead of 4.70%, while retirees get 6% per annum instead of 5.20%.

Punjab National Bank FD Rates (FD PNB Rates)

The National Bank of Punjab recently raised interest rates on FDs. If you do FD in PNB for 1 year, then the bank gives you 6.30% per annum while seniors get 6.80% per annum for that period.

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HDFC Bank FD Rates (HDFC FD Rates)

HDFC Bank, one of the largest private sector banks, also recently raised interest rates on its FD scheme. You get 5.50% per annum on FD for up to 1 year at HDFC, while the bank gives pensioners 6% per annum for this period.

ICICI Bank FD Rates

ICICI Bank, the second largest private sector bank, has also recently increased interest rates on its FD scheme. The bank gives you 5 percent per annum on IP for up to 1 year, while the elderly receive 5.50 percent per annum for this period.

(Source – Official websites of banks)


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