Infosys Moonlighting Policy: Infosys also got strict regarding Moonlighting, gave warning to the employees, said – doing so will get the job


New Delhi: After Wipro, now Infosys has warned its employees about moonlighting. The Human Resources department of Infosys has said that moonlighting is not allowed in the employees’ code of conduct. The department has said that violation of the Code of Conduct can lead to disciplinary action including termination from the job. Moonlighting means doing any kind of other job along with regular job.

HR department corresponded with this subject line

Infosys has emailed employees with the subject line ‘No two-timing, no moonlighting’ warning employees about moonlighting. Earlier, Wipro Chairman Azim Premji had termed this practice as a fraud.

Know what Infosys said in the email

A Times of India report said that in its communication sent to employees on Monday, Infosys has said that employees cannot take any kind of other assignments even during working hours or beyond. The company has said that it strongly discourages ‘dual employment’.

Infosys said in its email that it is clearly stated in the offer letter of the employees that they can engage in any kind of business activity as a Director / Partner / Member / Employee in any organization / entity without the consent of Infosys. Will not work full-time or part-time and the employees have also agreed to this.

Moonlighting trend increased in Kovid-19

There has been a culture of moonlighting in western countries for a long time. However, its craze increased during the Kovid-19 epidemic in India when employees were allowed to work from remote locations as well. Companies in many sectors, including information technology, got information that their employees were working with other companies on other projects at the same time.

Companies say that this will affect productivity. Not only this, there will be a conflict of interest and even the problem of data breach may also come to the fore.



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