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The Indian team’s place in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2022 is all but confirmed. After the win against Bangladesh, the way was cleared for the team to reach the last 4. The journey to the semi-finals was not easy for the Indian team and they had tough competition in many matches. However, according to Anjum Chopra, former captain of Indian women’s team, only Indian team will benefit from tough matches as now they will be ready for such matches.

In fact, the Indian team had beaten Pakistan on the last ball of their first game. The Indian team was stuck in this game at one point but the partnership of Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya saw the team win the game. After that, the team easily won the game against the Netherlands, but faced defeat in the thrilling game against South Africa. At the same time, against Bangladesh, the team somehow won by five points. India still have one game to play against Zimbabwe.

The Indian team has had all its ups and downs – Anjum Chopra

According to Anjum Chopra, when you advance after winning tough matches, your preparation is better. In a conversation on ABP News, he said: “After the match against Zimbabwe, we can say that our preparation is very good. We have seen all the situations so far. The first match against Pakistan was very close. I learned lessons playing from South Africa. The game against the Netherlands was like training. In the Bangladesh game, we saw it all. Before the rain, Bangladesh had scored so many points that the match seemed to be in India’s hands, but despite that, India won. The Indian team has had so many ups and downs and I think that’s a good thing. However, luck has been with us and our best is yet to come.



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