Indian Railway insures its passengers for as little as £1 and receives financial assistance up to 10 lakhs.


If you often travel by train, you should be aware of this opportunity provided by the railways. In fact, the railways provide insurance to their passengers at a very low Rs. This insurance is given only in Re 1 . Most of us don’t look at this when booking tickets. But you can see this option on the windshield when booking tickets. You just need to check this option. After that, you enroll under this insurance. Let us know how rail passengers can benefit from this insurance.

Travel insurance is required

Rail transport is considered the most comfortable for traveling long distances. Previously, when passengers had to stand in long lines at the platform to book tickets, tickets can now be easily booked through online apps and websites. Here you also see the travel insurance option. To do this, you do not have to go anywhere separately. Just check this option through online booking. Most people do not pay attention to this when traveling and do not choose this option. But this opportunity is provided by the Railroads through SBI General Insurance Corporation Limited and Liberty General Insurance Limited.

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Passengers benefit

After choosing the travel insurance option, if a passenger dies while traveling, then his family is provided with material assistance of up to 10 lakhs in such a state. In addition, if a person becomes completely disabled or crippled as a result of an accident, then even in such a situation, the passenger receives assistance of up to 10 lakh rupees as assistance. If, as a result of an accident, a person has become partially disabled, then 7,50,000 rupees, and in case of a serious injury, 2,00,000 rupees and for minor injuries, passengers are provided with assistance in the amount of up to 10,000 rupees from the railways. That is, if you are injured in any way while traveling by rail, then the railroad will help you with this.


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