If you are going to take health insurance, then never do these five mistakes, otherwise there may be a big loss


Author: Siddharth PriyadarshiPublish Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2022 06:06 PM (IST)Updated Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2022 06:06 PM (IST)

New Delhi, Business Desk. In today’s time it has become necessary to take health insurance. After Corona, people have understood its importance and are also securing their families by taking health insurance in large numbers. But while taking health insurance, people make some such mistakes, which can be costly in the future. We are going to tell you about five such mistakes.

Not taking personal health insurance after corporate health policy

One of the biggest misconceptions among corporate sector employees is that they do not need any other health policy after getting a group health policy. It should be noted here that the policy given by the company is valid only till you remain in the job or remain associated with the company. The cover in a group health policy is also less as compared to the medical expenses of today.

don’t cover too much

While taking health insurance, people make this mistake because of the greed of low premium. An individual should take a health cover of at least Rs 5 lakh and a family with a health cover of Rs 10 lakh.

Do not take health insurance early

People often have to put pressure on them to take health insurance in India. The effect of this is that due to late taking of health insurance, premiums come higher. For this reason it is considered good to take health insurance before the age of 30.

Giving false information about chronic diseases to the company

Many a times people do not give complete information about their chronic diseases to the health insurance company in order to save some premium. But after being admitted to the hospital, all your reports go to the health insurance company, in which all the truth comes out. In such a situation, the health policy may become void.

not reading the policy document

Not reading the health policy completely can also be costly at the time of claim. There are many conditions in the policy, which many times the insurance agent is not even aware of. Some policies have multiple room limits. In such a situation, while comparing any policy on the basis of premium, the features available in it should also be compared.

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