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Virat Kohli’s stick was crucial in the Indian team’s victory over Bangladesh. The Indian team had a chance of winning by 5 points under the Duckworth-Lewis rule. Due to Virat Kohli’s excellent half-century innings, he was named Player of the Match. Kohli gave a big reaction to her sleeves.

Virat Kohli said it was a very tight game. Had a great day with the bat. There was a little pressure when I walked in. I didn’t want small mistakes to dampen my instincts. I am in a happy place. I don’t want to compare it with the past. As soon as I learned that the World Cup was taking place in Australia, I smiled.

Kohli said as far as I know good cricketing is important here. Hitting the line is what I do in all formats. It’s just an extension for me. I like to play on this field. It makes me feel like home. When I come to Adelaide I’m here to have fun and keep banging.

Virat Kohli with his 7th player of the match in the T20 World Cup in just 23 innings. https://t.co/HWRkYaTm4S

It is worth mentioning that at bat first, the Indian team made a big score of 184 runs for 6 wickets. Virat Kohli’s bat came in an unbeaten run of 64 runs on 44 balls. After that, as he played in rebuttal, the rain fell in Bangladesh’s innings. He got the goal of 151 in 16 overs. The Bangladesh team could reach 145 runs.

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