How Elon Musk and Parag Agarwal Became ‘Enemies’ That’s How It Started, Know Why


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Elon Musk and Parag Agarwal

Elon Musk vs Parag Agarwal: The year 2022 is full of big events. Meanwhile, Elon Musk took over Twitter on October 28. He then fired CEO Parag Agarwal. After taking the reins of Twitter, there are questions about what was the impetus for firing CEO Elon Musk. Indian-origin Parag Agarwal became the CEO of Twitter last year in December 2021. He joined Twitter about 10 years ago as a software engineer and became the company’s chief technology officer in 2017.

Parag Agarwal taunted like this

Indian-origin Parag Agarwal, who was kicked out of Twitter, has been very vocal against Musk since the beginning. When Musk made a bid for Twitter, he clashed with the company’s CEO, Parag Agarwal. Parag Agarwal has made several such statements since Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter, clearly revealing the conflict between Musk and Parag. “The future of the company is in the dark now, I don’t know where it will go,” Parag Aggarwal told employees at the town hall shortly after the deal was announced.

Speculations had already been made

Ever since Parag’s speech, there has been speculation that he will leave Twitter? Finally, on 28 October 2022, after taking command of his Twitter, Musk, who was in action mode, ushered Parag Agarwal out. The company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ned Segal was also fired along with him. Vijaya Gadde, Head of Legal Policy, Trust and Safety also read.

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