How can we earn money from WazirX app? , How to Invest in CryptoCurrency in India


WazirX Shipping Code – 74v3rrt3 After you enter this then you can open the account and if you face any problem you can mail to

How to Download WazirX App and Create an Account?

  • First from this link Install WazirX App from Play Store Do it
  • You can open your WazirX CryptoCurrency Account on the website and app.
  • You have to enter the email id and after you want to save the password, you have to enter twice.
  • After that you need to enter this code 74v3rrt3 in the shipping code.
  • After that when you click next, you need to confirm your email, go to your email and confirm it.
  • After that you have to confirm by entering your phone number by clicking on Mobile SMS.
  • Then you need to select India as the country and select Personal. After that you have to do your KYC or click to do it later.

How to do WazirX KYC Verification?

  • First go to setup KYC.
  • After that you have to enter your first middle or last name, you have to enter your correct name.
  • After that you have to enter your date of birth and address.
  • After this you need to enter your region, city and pin code.
  • After that, you have to enter your PAN card number twice and upload its photo.
  • Now you have to select the Aadhar card in the document and after that you have to upload your photo by entering the Aadhar card number twice.
  • After this you have to take a photo with Aadhar card in your hand, your face and Aadhar card should be clearly visible in the photo so that you can do KYC easily and not get rejected.

Let me tell you all, we do not advise you to invest in any kind of crypto, it is risky, all your money can be lost in it, you invest your money at your own risk, for any kind of loss. not responsible

How to earn money with WazirX App?

  • There is no way to make money from this so you can make guaranteed money this way.
  • There is more risk going than money coming in.
  • You can see many videos about this on YouTube.

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