Guar Seed: Guar crop is good in irrigated area, whereas crop is weak in dry area.


New Delhi: Today on NCDEX, the futures price of Guar Seed has increased by 2.29%, while the futures price of Guar Gum has increased by 2.21%. The price of Guar Seed has crossed Rs 5,187.00 on NCdex, while the November futures price of Guar Gum has crossed Rs 10,112.00. The price of Guar Gum has jumped by more than 20% in the last month. Guar gum November futures has crossed Rs 10,112. Experts believe that the guar crop is expected to remain weak in many areas, due to which its production may fall instead of the earlier estimate of 15 million bags.

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Guar gum prices on Wednesday rose by Rs 32 to Rs 9,538 per five quintal in futures trade as speculators increased their positions due to pick-up in spot demand, while Guar Gum September futures rose by 2.03% on Thursday. Or reached Rs 9,955.00 with the strength of Rs 198.00.

On NCDEX, guar gum for delivery in September rose by Rs 32, or 0.34 per cent, to Rs 9,538 per five quintal in a business turnover of 1,965 lots.

Analysts on the rise in the price of guar say that this time in many areas of the country, due to the difference in monsoon rains, there is a possibility of a decrease in the yield of guar. The farmers who grow guar say that the guar crop is ready to ripen in the fields which are on the banks of the canal. Its harvesting can start in 10-15 days. Farmers of Rajasthan say that the production of guar seed may remain the same as last year in areas with adequate irrigation.

Guar gum is made by removing the skin of the guar seed, grinding it and filtering it. Guar gum (Galkatomannan) is a high molecular weight carbohydrate polymer formed by the fusion of a large number of mannose and galactose units. Raw Guar Gum is a light white colored powder which dissolves in 90% water.

Several methods are used to make guar gum, but due to its complex nature, the thermomechanical process is commonly used to produce food grade and industrial grade guar gum. Guar contains about 42% crude protein. The protein contained in guar flour is equal to that of oil cake. The consumption system of guar seeds is extensively used in the petroleum industry. India produces 90 percent of the world’s guar, of which 72 percent comes from Rajasthan.

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