Good news! This weekly special train will pass through Siwan railway station, know the full timetable


Report – Ankit Kumar Singh

Siwan: In view of the rush of passengers on North Eastern Railway, Varanasi Division has made preparations to run weekly special trains. Which benefit will also be given to those who catch the train from Siwan railway station. The weekly special train only passes through Siwan Junction. At the same time, the special train stops at Siwan Junction for five minutes. The special train will pass from Siwan Junction once a week. The weekly special train that passes through Siwan Railway Junction is the MAIL TRAIN. As both ups and downs will pass. The benefits of these can be used by the travelers in the district.

Operation of these trains
For the convenience of train passengers, a special weekly train will be run between Sealdah-Lalkuan-Sealdah via Chhapra, Siwan Junction and Bhatni Junction. At the same time, the movement of train number 03121 Sealdah-Lalkuan weekly trains will be carried out every Sunday 06 November and 13 November 2022 in 02 rounds. Special Train No. 03121 Sealdah-Lalkuan Special train leaves Sealdah at 23:50 on 6 November 2022 and leaves Vardhman at 01:34, Durgapur at 02:28, Asansol at 03:20, Chittaranjan at 03:47 hours on the second day, from Madhupur Junction at 04:50, from Jasidih at 05:30, from Jhajha at 06:30, from Kiul at 07:18, from Barauni at 08:50, from Shahpur Patori at 09:42, from Hajipur at 10.45 a.m. 12.15 it arrives at Chhapra at 12.15 and at Siwan railway station at 13.20.

At the same time, at 13:25, the train goes to the next station. The train will leave Siwan at 2:42 PM, Gorakhpur at 17:25, Lucknow at 23:05, Shahjahanpur at 01:50, Bareilly at 02:55 and reach Lalkuan at 05:00. On the same return journey, the special weekly train number 03122 Lalkuan-Sealdah every Tuesday 8 November and 15 November 2022 from Lalkuan at 08.00, Bareilly at 10.25, Shahjahanpur at 11.35, Lucknow at 14.10, Gorakhpur From 19:05, Bhatni at 20:15, arrive at Siwan Railway Station at 21:15. Where the train departs at 21:20. The same train leaves Chhapra at 10.50 p.m., Hajipur at 00.20 on the second day, Shahpurpatori at 01.07, Barauni at 02.20, Kiul. 03:42, Jhajha at 05:05, Jasidih at 05:49, Madhupur Junction at 06:16, Chittaranjan at 07:11, Asansol at 08:37, Durgapur at 09:10 Vardhman to 10:50 Leaving Sealdah at 1:15 p.m.

What are PR staff?
Ashok Kumar, Public Relations Officer of North Eastern Railway, Varanasi Division, told News18 Local that people from abroad have reached their villages for the festival. After the end of the festival, these people again travel to the state. The commuters face a lot of problems with the crowd. Special trains are run for the convenience of passengers. Which passengers can benefit from. At the same time, he said that a total of 20 coaches, including 12 sleeper cabins, 06 third class air-conditioned and 02 SLRD coaches will be installed in the structure of this train being run.

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