Good news about the economy: Goods and services tax collection could be more than Rs 1.5 crore in October.


GST collection in October: There is good news on the economic front. Tomorrow, i.e. On November 1, 2022, data on VAT collection for the month of October will come. According to sources, GST collection in October is expected to be over Rs 1.50 crore. The way the Diwali sales were handled and according to the initial trend, the GST collection for November could be over 1.60 crores. We would like to inform you that in September the GST collection amounted to 1.47 million rupees.

GST Board meeting hampered until December

The GST Council meeting could now take place in December as the two states of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh hold elections, sources said. In the midst of elections, the government finds it difficult to hold a meeting of the GST Council.

In September, the GST collection was 1.48 million rupees.

The GST collection in the month of September was Rs 1.47 million. This was the seventh consecutive month in which the GST collection exceeded Rs 1.4 million. It registered a jump of 26 percent year on year.

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How many taxes were collected in which month in the current fiscal year

GST collection in September was Rs 1,47,686 crores. In August the GST collection was 143,612 crores and in July it was 148,995 crores. In September 2021, the GST fee was 117,010 crores. The total GST collection for the first month of the current fiscal year in April was 167,540 crores, the highest ever. After that, the figure was 140,885 crores in May, 144,616 crores in June, 148,995 crores in July.


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