Gold Price became cheaper by Rs 8300 on 28 oct in market know what gold price today Gold Price 28 Oct: Gold has become cheaper by 8300 rupees in the market, know what is the price of gold today


New Delhi: In the bullion market, the price of gold has been increasing for the past few days. Despite this slight increase in the price of gold, gold is selling very cheaply than its record rate. Despite the constant fluctuations in the price of gold, the demand for gold in the market remains high. Let’s know what is the new price of gold in the market?

Know the price of gold in the market today

No change has been seen in the price of gold in the bullion market on Friday. According to the GoodReturns website, the market price of 22 carat gold was Rs 47,100 per ten grams. Earlier on Thursday, the price of gold rose by 100 rupees per ten grams. There was an increase of 150 rupees per ten grams in the price of gold on Wednesday.

At the same time, if we talk about 24 carat gold, then an increase of 170 rupees per ten grams was seen in the gold price on Wednesday. After this, an increase of 100 rupees per ten grams was seen in the price of gold on Thursday. After this, no change has been seen in the price of gold on Friday and the price of 24 carat gold in the market was 51,380 rupees per ten grams.

Gold has become so cheap today than the record rate

Gold reached its all time high rate in the month of August 2020. In August, 2020, gold reached its all-time high rate of Rs 55,400 per ten grams. Today, if we compare the current price of gold with its all-time high rate, you will find that gold is currently selling at Rs 8,300 per ten gram.

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