Gold and silver prices fall ahead of Chhath in Rajasthan October 29 | Gold-Silver Price Update: Gold-Silver Golden Opportunity, Know Today’s Latest Price?


Gold-Silver Price Update: If you can’t buy gold and silver on Diwali, you can buy it on Chhat festival. Ahead of Chhath, the prices of gold and silver have fallen again. Let it be known that the price of gold and silver has fallen again before Chhat.

On Friday, the last day of this trading week, the Indian bullion market recorded a decline in silver as well as gold prices. 24 carat gold fell by Rs 277 to Rs 50502, 23 carat gold fell by Rs 276 to Rs 50300, 22 carat gold fell by Rs 254 to Rs 46260, 18 carat gold fell by Rs 207 to Rs 37877 and 14 carat gold fell by Rs 37877 to Rs 29544 per 10 grams. level off.

During the festive season, the prices of gold and silver have been increasing continuously for several days. Let us inform you that the demand for gold and silver has suddenly increased during the festival season. It is expected that the price of gold and silver will increase. Traders say that this Diwali season, gold and silver prices may reach record levels again. Currently, new purchases have also come out from retailers. Despite the weak trend in international markets, a rise in gold and silver sets the tone for Diwali. Due to constant movements in the stock market, investors have started turning to precious metals.

We inform you that on Friday, gold closed down by Rs 277 per 10 grams to Rs 50502, whereas in previous trading on Thursday, gold price increased by Rs 208 per 10 grams to Rs 50779 per 10 grams. On the other hand, silver declined by Rs 221 to close at Rs 57419 per kg, while silver fell by Rs 211 to close at Rs 57640 per kg. Let us tell you that gold is selling below its all-time high of Rs 5698 per 10 grams. At the same time, silver is getting cheaper by around Rs 22561 per kg from its peak.

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