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England won the game between New Zealand and England at the T20 World Cup today. Its captain Jos Buttler largely contributed to this victory. Although there was an occasion when Butler was declared knocked out by the referees on the pitch and he started walking back from the pitch but something happened to make New Zealand captain Kane Williamson himself. even apologize.

In fact, England were first at bat in that game. Mitchell Santner made the sixth over of the match. Butler played a shot on the third ball from the over. The ball went straight through the air for extra coverage and Kane Williamson, who was there, caught the ball running like a dive. Everyone thought it was a trap.

However, for confirmation, the referees on the field took the help of third referees and gave a soft signal. Butler also felt he was out, so he started walking out of the field as well. But then replays showed the ball falling from Williamson’s hands and falling to the ground after Williamson caught it in his hands.

Jos Buttler was declared not eliminated based on replays. Meanwhile, Kane Williamson also realized his mistake after watching the replays and he apologized to Jos Buttler for the call, keeping the spirit of the game above. The catch was so close and quick that Williamson couldn’t figure out what had happened. The video of this incident is going quite viral on social media.

Let me tell you, after the match, Williamson said of this take that “You don’t want to do this because you have to pay for it too”. He played a brilliant innings for England in the big game. I felt I grabbed Butler’s hold in my chest. In the end it was embarrassing as I saw in the replays.

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