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A video of Virat Kohli’s hotel room in the middle of the T20 World Cup has been leaked on social media. In this video, objects like clothes, shoes kept in his room are visible. Virat Kohli also shared a post about it, which fans are giving many kinds of reactions to on Twitter.

Kohli had expressed her displeasure with the leaked video. He said fans have fun watching their favorite players but this video is intimidating. Along with this, he also appealed to his fans for privacy. Fans on social media are also furious about it and have expressed their displeasure over the violation of their superstar’s privacy.

Let’s take a look at the reactions on Twitter

This shouldn’t happen again. Give her some personal space, she’s a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean you’re breaking her privacy. This is absolutely disgusting of the management of the team. #ViratKohli

(This shouldn’t happen again. Give him some personal space. He’s a celebrity but that doesn’t mean you’re intruding on his private life. Absolutely disgusting of team management)

The one who entered the room of #ViratKohli should be named, publicly humiliated and charged. You can’t do that, for goodness sake.

(Anyone who entered Virat Kohli’s room, his name must come out in front of everyone and he must be punished.)

(King Kohli hotel room. It is very bad. Bad behavior of hotel staff. Completely violated the right to privacy)

(Instagram post by Virat Kohli. Everything has a limit and it’s unhealthy and scary. The hotel management is also responsible for it)

(Be nice and give space to your ideals.)

How did the people at the hotel allow a fan into someone’s room? It’s an invasion of privacy, too bad! In full support of #ViratKohli and although he put it on social networks! A person like me doesn’t like someone invading my privacy, he’s a sports celebrity!

(How people in the hotel allow a fan into the room. It’s a violation of privacy. Very bad. I fully support Virat Kohli and it’s good that he posted this on the social networks A person like me also privacy I do not like to interfere, he is still a celebrity.

(Idolize them but don’t interfere with their personal space)

(A fan walked into Kohli’s hotel room. It’s crazy)

(Virat Kohli angrily posted on Instagram about his negligence in his security. Someone broke into Virat Kohli’s room. This type of security management for players on the Australian side is scary)

(this is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable)

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