Experts have chosen this solid stock to bet on the market, with a possible return of up to 16%.


Stocks to Buy: On Wednesday, the third trading session of the week, the stock market sees a slight uptick. Sensex and Nifty traded up. Being in the green of the market can be a good opportunity for investors to invest in the stock market. If you are also planning to invest money in the stock market and are looking for strong stocks, then you can buy on the advice of market experts. Market expert Sandip Jain chose a strong stock to make money and advised him to invest in this stock.

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Market expert Sandeep Jain chose to buy CCL Products and advised him to invest in these shares. If you also want to invest in the stock market, then you can invest in this stock. The expert said that this company has been operating since 1994. The peculiarity of this company is that it built the first plant for the production of instant coffee.

CCL Products – Buy

  • CMP – 506
  • Target – 570/590

What are the company’s quarterly results?

Expert Sandip Jain said that this company distributes its business in 90 countries around the world. Speaking of quarterly results, in the September quarter, the company made a profit of Rs 54 crore last year, but in the September quarter of this year, the company made a profit of Rs 58 crore.

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What are the fundamentals of the company?

The company’s return on equity is 18 percent. In addition, sales growth over the past 3 years was 18 percent. In addition, the company gives a dividend yield of 1 percent. In addition, the share of domestic and foreign investors in this company is 7-8 percent and 22 percent, respectively.

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