Edible oil and oilseeds stock limit will expire soon, notification will be sent in the next 2 days


Edible oil stock limit: Oilseeds stock limit may run out soon. According to sources, the limit of stocks of edible oil and oilseeds will be exhausted in stages. First, the share limit for large businessmen will end. The edible oil stock limit has been in effect since October last year. The term expired in December of this year. Let’s tell you that this decision was made to curb the price of edible oil. Notification will be sent within the next 2 days.

so this is the margin

At present, the limit of edible oil reserves will be 30 centners for retailers, 500 centners for wholesalers, 30 centners for wholesale consumers, that is, sellers and stores with large distribution networks, and 1,000 centners for its warehouses. Edible oil processors can store up to 90 days of their production capacity.

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In the case of oilseeds, the storage limit will be 100 centners for retailers and 2,000 centners for wholesalers. Oilseed processors will be allowed to stockpile edible oil production for 90 days according to daily production capacity.

A decision may be made to restart agricultural futures

A report is possible in 15-20 days on the resumption of work of Agri Futures. A decision will be made on starting futures for 7 commodities, including oil and oilseeds. Last year, 7 agricultural futures were suspended. Under the chairmanship of the DEA committee, several meetings were held to start trading in futures. His report is coming. After that, the Ministerial Group will make a decision. According to sources, a report on the resumption of trading in futures is expected in the next 15-20 days. The final decision will be taken by a group of ministers headed by Amit Shah.


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